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Traveling In California

Traveling In California

California is the 3rd largest state in the United States with more than 39 million people living there. Nevertheless, it is mostly known for its spectacular sunny beaches and Hollywood glamour.  Either traveling in California for a business trip or for leisure there are many interesting places to visit.

Although California is an expensive place to live, it has dozen free sites to visit across the most popular cities. Los Angeles is the largest city in California and is mostly known for its world’s famous stars, beaches, and historical sites. Other major attractive cites include San Francisco, San Diego among others.

The most visited tourists attractions are:

       I.            Hollywood Walk of Fame

You cannot be traveling in California and miss to visit the Hollywood walk of fame in Los Angeles. The walk of fame is popular for the embedded terrazzo and brass stars names. There is also the chance of having a glance of one or two celebrities.

    II.            The Spectacular Sunny Beaches

California has many spectacular beaches since the state runs along the Pacific Ocean. The Venice beach in Los Angeles offers a variety of activities such as street artists, a performing circus among others.


Santa Monica is another great beach to visit while traveling in California. There are every day festival displays of aquariums, Amusements Park rides and variety of food.

 III.            Admiring the Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean is the largest world water basin in the world. California being a state in the pacific, driving in the pacific coastal highway will offer a mesmerizing view of the ocean at every turn.  Moreover, on the other side of the mountains are the million dollars homes owned by celebrities and rich business people.

 IV.            Invest on a Walking Tour

If you are love walking, then investing in a walking tour is more suited for you. One of the cities that offer great walking tours in San Francisco. The Urban walk is flat and smooth beneath the golden gate bridge and offers a great view of the city skyline. Walking on the golden gate bridge is also breathtaking.

Furthermore, the hiking lovers are not left behind as there are scheduled hiking tours offered by native San Francisco’s tour guides.

    V.            Visit the Amazing Museums in San Diego

San Diego museums usually offer free or discount admission days. If you want to learn the art history, the Timken Museum of Arts in Balboa is completely free. The museum displays both Europeans and American masterpieces.

In addition, there are other variations of museums to visit while traveling in California that accommodates both adults and children.

 VI.            Experience the Best Delicious Food across the State

There are many food destinations across the California state.  Therefore, you cannot say you were traveling in Californiaif you do not experience the best of their food. California offers delicious fast foods such as sandwiches, fried chicken and Burritos to a variety of seafood. Desserts are also a must-have.

Bottom Line

Traveling in Californiais always a great experience, from the tourist’s attractions to the delicious food it offers, you can be assured you cannot go short of enjoying yourself to the fullest.

Traveling in New York

Traveling in New York

New York is one of the busiest cities in the world. Apart from the skyrocketing buildings, it hosts over 200 nationalities that bring different cultural diversity. Although New York is known by its population and yellow taxis, it has so much more to offer the visitors.

Traveling in New York for the first time may be overwhelming especially if you have not planned ahead on the places to visit. It may also be expensive in terms of hotels and when traveling to different destinations.

 However, below are 4 guides to help you maneuver in New York State and have a stress free visit:

Traveling to new york

1.      Invest on a Clear Map

Having a clear map on the places you want to visit when traveling in New York will come in handy when planning for the day. By recognizing the places you want to visit, you will be able to visit two or three sites in the same area for the day hence saving you money and time.

2.      Purchase a New York Pass

 A New York pass is usually a prepaid card that enables you to visit many attractive sites in New York. Apart from saving money, you can be able to skip the long lines when visiting the covered places. In addition, the fixed amount paid will give you entry to many attractions for a number of days.

3.      Visit the Free Attraction Sites

What is New York without its attractive parks? Most visitors who are traveling in New York rarely miss the chance of visiting one or two parks.  The parks usually offer free performance arts such as street dancing and live performing musicians.

Moreover, there are museums that offer free entries on certain days. Others have free entries on weekdays or weekends. Free walking tours are also available for specific times and days. The tour offers you the opportunity to learn more about New York neighborhoods.

Furthermore, to enjoy watching the city while traveling in New Yorktaking the free ferry will give you the opportunity to experience some fabulous sites.

4.      Choose the Best Traveling Options

 Known for its hectic traffic and population, traveling in New York for the first time can be overwhelming. However, there are several convenient ways to get you from one destination to the next.

 If you are searching for restaurants or just window shopping, walking is the best option for you. Taking a taxi as we know is time consuming. However, it is worth taking a ride for a great experience of the city or when it’s only a short ride to your destination.

The other best way to avoid traffic is taking the subway. Although the subways are the busiest in New York it is a great way to commute.


New York being a metropolitan state will always be alive with activities. Apart from the increase in population, cultural diversity and attractive sites always stand out. Therefore, whenever you are traveling in New York remember to implement the above guides for a great experience.

Traveling to Thailand

Traveling to Thailand

Nicknamed the country of smiles, Thailand is a southern Asian country known for its tropical beaches, beautiful jungles, delicious food, and friendly people.  Moreover, when traveling to Thailand you will also have the chance to visit the elaborate temples, royal palaces, ancient ruins among others.

The best part is that that no matter your budget, Thailand will definitely give you a lifetime experience for your visit. It truly does sound amazing; right?  Yes it is.

Therefore, if you are planning ontraveling to Thailand for an amazing experience, kindly check out the below key factors that will enlighten you on the amazing Country.

traveling to Thailand

1.      Thailand offers 30 Days Visa on Arrival

Thailand offers a maximum of 30 days visa on arrival by air or land to all visitors. However, if you wish to stay a little longer, the visa is extendable. You only need to apply a tourist visa at any tourist embassy around the world.  Moreover, Thailand also offers 30 days stamps for up to 6 times per year for its visitors.

2.      Consider the Best Time to Visit

Thailand is a beautiful country all year round but like any other country it has it rainy season. Choosing the best time to visit will be essential to having a great time worth your every dime. It is usually recommendable to visit the country from December to April. The weather is usually cool for light dressing but always carry a jacket or two for any weather change.

The second best time to consider traveling to Thailand is at the festival season. Every November of the year, the Lantern festival in Chiang Mai is celebrated. Dozens of lit up candle lanterns are released upon the sky which is meant to send away bad luck and bring new beginnings.

3.      Learn the Basic Thailand Customs

Every country has its own customs and Thailand is no exception. From the first greetings you receive when you arrive in the country to their way of living. It is important to learn the basic customs of the country.

To encourage nationalism, Thailand has introduced a two times broadcast of the national anthem. The locals and tourists alike are required to stop and stand when whenever it’s playing. Moreover, touching of someone’s head is also considered offensive or speaking ill of their departed king or any royal family member.

In visiting the sacred temples, you will be required to take off your shoes as a sign of respect. Covering your elbows and knees is also an essential requirement.

 In addition, even if ladies are allowed to speak to monks, it is prohibited to touch them or pass anything directly to them.

4.      Be Ready to Experience the Best Thai Dishes

Most Visitors are known of traveling to Thailand for the remarkable Thai dishes. There are different places to eat. Apart from the many restaurants offering simple to formal meals, the open- air market and food stalls are also recommended.  However it is important to keen on the spicy food served in most places.


Traveling to Thailandis one of the most unforgettable experiences you can ever have. From learning a lot form their customs and way of living, to visiting their sacred temples. Thailand falls under the best southern Asian country to visit. 

Exotic places to visit in Russia

Russia has come a long way to now sit among the world’s top pacesetters. Only not long ago it was as a land firmly locked behind the Iron Curtain, without freedom of movement. Russia was once the most remarkable member of the now defunct USSR. Unlike other members, the disintegration only made it stronger and is now one of the most powerful nations on Earth and whose motives have always kept any US president alert and on the lookout.

Russia spreads over two continents and is the largest country in the world. There are over 160 ethnicities in Russia, each having its mark in the country’s culture. The country is also endowed with natural beauty, ranging from large swathes of desert-like plains, crossed by thousands of lakes, rivers, forests, and mountains along the southern borders. Tourists are also attracted by the ancient towns, which have been well-preserved to offer architectural marvels. The museums also offer magnificent art as do the churches.

With so much to see, you have to make well before you take a trip to Russia so that you do not miss out on the important attractions an average traveler has never skipped. These are some of the most significant tourist sites a traveler worth his salt never overlook while in Russia:

Yekaterinburg City

This industrial city located in the Ural Mountains has many things going on for it. Historians remember it as the place where Tsar Nicholas and his family were cruelly executed in 1918 during the Russian Revolution.  The city has grown to become a scene of vibrant culture, financial hub, the industrial powerhouse and is home to several theaters, libraries, and prominent playwrights. There are various dancing companies around, so there is no form of entertainment lacking.

Yekaterinburg War Memorial is here. I have a friend who works at best flo sewer and drain. And told me the museum, compared to others in Russia, is unique in that it has more thought and grief blended with the usual victory-only monuments throughout Russia. There is a beautiful monument dedicated to war soldiers who lost their lives in the line of duty. There is a list showing the names of these fallen heroes. The museum is quite large and clean.


This is the place to find quiet after a long day of shopping, visiting galleries, museum and fighting your way through thick crowds of people. Dendropark is green, right in the middle of the city. It is a sweet slice of nature where you are surrounded by trees, grass and covered by the clouds. Birds are singing around, small animals running around. You can do yoga too.

Saint Petersburg

Also known as Leningrad, this is Russia’s second largest city. It started in 1703. It used to be the imperial capital of Russia. It is now the cultural capital of Russia and rightly boasts of the most beautiful art collections in the world! Majestic palaces, lofty mansions, and beautiful cathedrals also add to the city’s beauty.

One of the sites you can visit while in Saint Petersburg is Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood, which was expressly built to memorize the assassination of Alexander II in 1881. It is perhaps the most recognized building in Russia. It has elaborate interior decorations and houses more mosaics than any other church anywhere else in the world.

Parting Shots

As you plan to visit Russia, remember its weather. If Adolf Hitler had recognized Russia’s unfavorable weather before planning its invasion, perhaps World War II could have ended in his favor. Russia is one of the coldest countries in the world. While the cold climate favors some exciting tourism activities, it can ruin your plans if you do not arrive at the right time or forget to carry appropriate attires.

Tipping and capitalism are some of the evils Russia has taken from the west since the fall of the USSR. Tipping has become a strong culture that if you pay for a meal more than the exact price, the change is kept as a tip. If you don’t ask for change, it is assumed you gave a tip, no matter how much.

Russia is the language in Russia. It is spoken everywhere. Large people in the cities speak English on top of Russia. The currency is ruble (RUB). You should bring with you plenty of it, for foreign currency or bank cards are refused many a time.