Traveling to Thailand

Traveling to Thailand

Nicknamed the country of smiles, Thailand is a southern Asian country known for its tropical beaches, beautiful jungles, delicious food, and friendly people.  Moreover, when traveling to Thailand you will also have the chance to visit the elaborate temples, royal palaces, ancient ruins among others.

The best part is that that no matter your budget, Thailand will definitely give you a lifetime experience for your visit. It truly does sound amazing; right?  Yes it is.

Therefore, if you are planning ontraveling to Thailand for an amazing experience, kindly check out the below key factors that will enlighten you on the amazing Country.

traveling to Thailand

1.      Thailand offers 30 Days Visa on Arrival

Thailand offers a maximum of 30 days visa on arrival by air or land to all visitors. However, if you wish to stay a little longer, the visa is extendable. You only need to apply a tourist visa at any tourist embassy around the world.  Moreover, Thailand also offers 30 days stamps for up to 6 times per year for its visitors.

2.      Consider the Best Time to Visit

Thailand is a beautiful country all year round but like any other country it has it rainy season. Choosing the best time to visit will be essential to having a great time worth your every dime. It is usually recommendable to visit the country from December to April. The weather is usually cool for light dressing but always carry a jacket or two for any weather change.

The second best time to consider traveling to Thailand is at the festival season. Every November of the year, the Lantern festival in Chiang Mai is celebrated. Dozens of lit up candle lanterns are released upon the sky which is meant to send away bad luck and bring new beginnings.

3.      Learn the Basic Thailand Customs

Every country has its own customs and Thailand is no exception. From the first greetings you receive when you arrive in the country to their way of living. It is important to learn the basic customs of the country.

To encourage nationalism, Thailand has introduced a two times broadcast of the national anthem. The locals and tourists alike are required to stop and stand when whenever it’s playing. Moreover, touching of someone’s head is also considered offensive or speaking ill of their departed king or any royal family member.

In visiting the sacred temples, you will be required to take off your shoes as a sign of respect. Covering your elbows and knees is also an essential requirement.

 In addition, even if ladies are allowed to speak to monks, it is prohibited to touch them or pass anything directly to them.

4.      Be Ready to Experience the Best Thai Dishes

Most Visitors are known of traveling to Thailand for the remarkable Thai dishes. There are different places to eat. Apart from the many restaurants offering simple to formal meals, the open- air market and food stalls are also recommended.  However it is important to keen on the spicy food served in most places.


Traveling to Thailandis one of the most unforgettable experiences you can ever have. From learning a lot form their customs and way of living, to visiting their sacred temples. Thailand falls under the best southern Asian country to visit. 

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