Traveling in New York

Traveling in New York

New York is one of the busiest cities in the world. Apart from the skyrocketing buildings, it hosts over 200 nationalities that bring different cultural diversity. Although New York is known by its population and yellow taxis, it has so much more to offer the visitors.

Traveling in New York for the first time may be overwhelming especially if you have not planned ahead on the places to visit. It may also be expensive in terms of hotels and when traveling to different destinations.

 However, below are 4 guides to help you maneuver in New York State and have a stress free visit:

Traveling to new york

1.      Invest on a Clear Map

Having a clear map on the places you want to visit when traveling in New York will come in handy when planning for the day. By recognizing the places you want to visit, you will be able to visit two or three sites in the same area for the day hence saving you money and time.

2.      Purchase a New York Pass

 A New York pass is usually a prepaid card that enables you to visit many attractive sites in New York. Apart from saving money, you can be able to skip the long lines when visiting the covered places. In addition, the fixed amount paid will give you entry to many attractions for a number of days.

3.      Visit the Free Attraction Sites

What is New York without its attractive parks? Most visitors who are traveling in New York rarely miss the chance of visiting one or two parks.  The parks usually offer free performance arts such as street dancing and live performing musicians.

Moreover, there are museums that offer free entries on certain days. Others have free entries on weekdays or weekends. Free walking tours are also available for specific times and days. The tour offers you the opportunity to learn more about New York neighborhoods.

Furthermore, to enjoy watching the city while traveling in New Yorktaking the free ferry will give you the opportunity to experience some fabulous sites.

4.      Choose the Best Traveling Options

 Known for its hectic traffic and population, traveling in New York for the first time can be overwhelming. However, there are several convenient ways to get you from one destination to the next.

 If you are searching for restaurants or just window shopping, walking is the best option for you. Taking a taxi as we know is time consuming. However, it is worth taking a ride for a great experience of the city or when it’s only a short ride to your destination.

The other best way to avoid traffic is taking the subway. Although the subways are the busiest in New York it is a great way to commute.


New York being a metropolitan state will always be alive with activities. Apart from the increase in population, cultural diversity and attractive sites always stand out. Therefore, whenever you are traveling in New York remember to implement the above guides for a great experience.

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