Traveling In California

Traveling In California

California is the 3rd largest state in the United States with more than 39 million people living there. Nevertheless, it is mostly known for its spectacular sunny beaches and Hollywood glamour.  Either traveling in California for a business trip or for leisure there are many interesting places to visit.

Although California is an expensive place to live, it has dozen free sites to visit across the most popular cities. Los Angeles is the largest city in California and is mostly known for its world’s famous stars, beaches, and historical sites. Other major attractive cites include San Francisco, San Diego among others.

The most visited tourists attractions are:

       I.            Hollywood Walk of Fame

You cannot be traveling in California and miss to visit the Hollywood walk of fame in Los Angeles. The walk of fame is popular for the embedded terrazzo and brass stars names. There is also the chance of having a glance of one or two celebrities.

    II.            The Spectacular Sunny Beaches

California has many spectacular beaches since the state runs along the Pacific Ocean. The Venice beach in Los Angeles offers a variety of activities such as street artists, a performing circus among others.


Santa Monica is another great beach to visit while traveling in California. There are every day festival displays of aquariums, Amusements Park rides and variety of food.

 III.            Admiring the Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean is the largest world water basin in the world. California being a state in the pacific, driving in the pacific coastal highway will offer a mesmerizing view of the ocean at every turn.  Moreover, on the other side of the mountains are the million dollars homes owned by celebrities and rich business people.

 IV.            Invest on a Walking Tour

If you are love walking, then investing in a walking tour is more suited for you. One of the cities that offer great walking tours in San Francisco. The Urban walk is flat and smooth beneath the golden gate bridge and offers a great view of the city skyline. Walking on the golden gate bridge is also breathtaking.

Furthermore, the hiking lovers are not left behind as there are scheduled hiking tours offered by native San Francisco’s tour guides.

    V.            Visit the Amazing Museums in San Diego

San Diego museums usually offer free or discount admission days. If you want to learn the art history, the Timken Museum of Arts in Balboa is completely free. The museum displays both Europeans and American masterpieces.

In addition, there are other variations of museums to visit while traveling in California that accommodates both adults and children.

 VI.            Experience the Best Delicious Food across the State

There are many food destinations across the California state.  Therefore, you cannot say you were traveling in Californiaif you do not experience the best of their food. California offers delicious fast foods such as sandwiches, fried chicken and Burritos to a variety of seafood. Desserts are also a must-have.

Bottom Line

Traveling in Californiais always a great experience, from the tourist’s attractions to the delicious food it offers, you can be assured you cannot go short of enjoying yourself to the fullest.

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